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Lot 5, 10 Bonville Place, Yanchep
$175 Sold!
  • 300 sq metres
Tracy and Pam - Mother Daughter Team
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Fabulous block in the exceptional Fairway Exclusive Estate regardless of whether you play golf or not. Least of all you will have a massive beautifully landscaped backyard that someone else mows and waters!!

General quality of life living in such an estate can be greatly enhanced living around like-minded people who share similar interests and who also take pride in their properties, and if you are a golfer then let’s not forget one of the most compelling reasons to living on a Golf Course… Golf, anytime you want! Imagine leaving your house and being at the clubhouse in less than five minutes!!

There is a certain level of prestige attached to living in an upscale development along a golf course as the sport has always had a luxurious appeal.
There is a distinct advantage of being higher than the course and living overlooking the fairway is much more desirable than the tee or green.
There’s the ‘bragging rights,’ as not just anyone can claim they overlook the fairway with no neighbour over the back fence!
Resale value!! You may find that the resale value is excellent as values can hold strongly because of the view and the overall atmosphere of an estate.
Although the real estate market changes and values fluctuate due to multiple factors, properties that are located along highly reputable golf courses generally hold strong.

The astute buyer will really understand the value of living front-row to a golf courses as there are only so many blocks available with the future lack of new supply invariably boosting prices.

As the market moves this is always going to be the premium end of the market which will strengthen when stock becomes depleted and they will likely be the most selective houses if you were to decide to sell in the future.

There’s nothing like having a view with this one being beautifully maintained and a pleasure to look out on every day.

BONUS $5,000 Fencing and Landscaping (Conditions Apply)
• BOUNDARY FENCING - Maximum contribution payment of $2,000 incl GST to the Buyer.
• LANDSCAPING AND RETICULATION – Maximum contribution payment to the Buyer of $3,000 incl GST is payable when all the conditions have been met
to the satisfaction of the Seller: